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  • Print & export of emails where available
  • Print or export of sales leads & mailing lists
  • Free e-mail marketing (

Also includes free…

  • Free business credit reports
  • Free background search on 200 million
    people (coming soon)
  • Find a business
  • Find a person

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business sales leads

15 million business sales leads

Select by: Any geographic area, type of business, SIC, number of employees, sales volume and credit score.

Other Business Databases

  • Executives by Title New

    Business executives that are searchable by their title.X close

  • Businesses w/Email Addresses

    U.S. companies that are reachable by email address.X close

  • Small business owners

    Individuals that own businesses with less than 100 employees X close

  • Small businesses

    Businesses that have less than 100 employees.X close

  • New businesses

    Businesses that have just opened their doors or registered their company.X close

  • Manufacturers

    U.S. businesses in the manufacturing industry.X close

  • Contractors

    Independent agents that specialize in contract work.X close

  • Real Estate Agents

    Professionals that specialize in residential and commercial real estate.X close

  • Large businesses

    Businesses that have more than 100 employeesX close

  • Wholesalers/Distributors

    Resellers or distributors that deal in high-volume orders.X close

  • Businesses with websites

    Businesses that have a website.X close

  • Professionals

    Licensed individuals in specific professions. X close

  • Business Executives

    Executives that have decision-making authority.X close

  • Accountants and CPAs

    Licensed professionals that perform accounting services.X close

  • Physicians

    Qualified doctors, dentists, psychiatrists, and more.X close

  • Attorneys

    Licensed professionals that practice law. X close

consumer and homeowner sales leads

250 million consumers and homeowners

Select by: Any geographic area, age, gender, income, home value, home owners/renters and length of residence.

Other Consumer Databases

  • Homeowner

    Consumers that own a house.X close

  • Wealthy Americans

    Consumers with annual household income over $200,000.X close

  • Millionaires

    Consumers with an income of over $250,000 and a home value of over $500,000.X close

  • Casino Gamblers

    Individuals that enjoy gambling and making bets. X close

  • Stocks and Bond Investors

    Individuals that invest in securities.X close

  • Active Investors

    Individuals that are active in the stock/bond markets.X close

  • Diet and Weight Loss

    Consumers that have shown interest in dieting or losing weight.X close

  • Magazine Readers

    Individuals that read print or online magazines.X close

  • Real Estate Investors

    Individuals that invest in real estate or real estate securities.X close

  • Golfers

    Consumers that play golf or are interested in golf-related activities.X close

  • Runners and Joggers

    Individuals that enjoy physical or aerobic exercise.X close

  • Cruise Travelers

    Consumers that have indicated an interest in cruises or travel-related offers. X close

  • Boat Owners

    Individuals that enjoy boating or boat-related activities.X close

  • Camping / Hiking

    Consumers that enjoy camping, hiking, or other outdoor activities.X close

hot sales leads including new movers and new businesses

weekly HOT
sales leads
  • New Businesses

    Updated weekly – Businesses that have just opened their doors or registered their company.X close

  • New Homeowners

    Updated weekly – Consumers that have recently purchased a home.X close

  • New Movers

    Updated weekly – Consumers that recently moved .X close

  • New Parents

    Updated weekly – Individuals that have recently had a child.X close

  • Recently Married

    Updated weekly – Consumers that have recently gotten married.X close

  • Recently Divorced

    Updated weekly – Consumers that have recently gotten divorced.X close

  • Business Bankruptcies

    Businesses that have recently filed for bankruptcy; 1,500 per week.X close

  • Consumer Bankruptcies

    Consumers that have recently filed for bankruptcy; 10,000 per week.X close

  • Business Liens

    Businesses that have liens against them; 30,000 per week.X close

  • Consumer Liens

    Consumers that have liens against them; 50,000 per week.X close

  • Business Judgments

    Businesses that have judgments against them; 30,000 per week.X close

  • Consumer Judgments

    Consumers that have judgments against them; 50,000 per week.X close

other popular sales leads

other popular
sales leads
  • Car Owners New

    Car owners with year, make, model, class, and VIN.X close

  • Nurses

    Individuals whose profession is Nursing.X close

  • Businesses with Trucking Fleets

    DoT licensed Trucking Fleet Operators.X close

  • Dentists

    Professionals qualified to practice Dentistry.X close

  • Therapists

    Professionals skilled in a particular type of therapy.X close

  • Doctors

    Professionals who practice medicine concerned with maintaining human health.X close

  • Lawyers

    Professionals who practice law.X close

  • Pilots

    Individuals who operate the flying controls of an aircraft.X close

  • Insurance Agents

    An agent who sells insurance.X close

  • Tax Practitioners

    Individuals who provide tax advice.X close

  • Clubs

    An association dedicated to a particular interest or activity.X close

  • Health Service Providers

    A person who helps in identifying or preventing or treating illness or disability.X close

  • Aircraft Owners

    Companies or individuals who own airplanes, helicopters, or other machines capable of flight.X close

  • Accountants

    A person whose job is to keep or inspect financial account.X close

  • Realtors

    A person who acts as an agent for the sale and purchase of buildings and land.X close

  • Farmers

    Individuals that practice agriculture or raise animals for food or raw materials.X close

  • Coming Soon
  • Stock Brokers

    Stock Brokers database coming soon.X close

  • Retirees

    Retired Professionals. Database Coming SoonX close